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Could a driver’s music predict their crash risk?

Aug 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

Many drivers put on music when driving. It can have many positive effects such as helping drivers to relax in hectic traffic or helping them stay alert when tired on a long journey.

Yet the effect music has depends on the particular music being played. In some cases, its effect can be dangerous for those in the car and others around them.

Fast music can make drivers more aggressive

A driver playing the sort of high-speed techno music beloved by driving games is more likely to drive like they are playing a game, going faster and making more sudden lane changes. That is not a safe way to drive.

Relaxing music could lead drivers to doze off

Some drivers could benefit from calming tunes to relieve the stress and tenseness they bring with them into the car. Yet if you are already tired or on a long night drive, anything too relaxing could send them to sleep, which could be catastrophic.

Favorite tunes can be distracting

You may have seen cars full of friends heading off for a night out. They have the windows down and are singing along to a favorite tune blasting out at full volume from the car’s speakers. While it is nice to see such joy, you should give them a wide berth as it is almost impossible for the driver to give the road their full attention, even if they are not joining in. The sing-along is too distracting.

If you are injured by a driver, give a thought to the music they were playing. It may help determine why they crashed into you, helping you get the compensation you need.