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Charges for heroin, meth come against 2 Texas women

Apr 9, 2020 | Drug Offenses

Laws can be complicated to understand. As a result, when authorities accuse a person of breaking the law, it can be difficult to know exactly why the charges came about, whether authorities acted appropriately and how to defend against formal accusations. In particular, if individuals are facing drug charges relating to heroin and other substances, gaining information on legal options as soon as possible may be wise.

Two women in Texas may be hoping to address their cases effectively after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the women were in a vehicle when the car almost wrecked. An officer noticed the incident and conducted a traffic stop. Allegedly, the information the women provided when questioned by the officer did not seem to go together, so the officer had his K-9 sniff the vehicle.

The K-9 purportedly alerted the officer to narcotics in the vehicle, and the officer apparently conducted a search. Reportedly, the officer found methamphetamine and heroin in the driver’s purse and methamphetamine on the passenger’s person. As a result, both women were taken into custody and are currently facing various charges relating to the manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance.

Drug charges relating to heroin and other substance can come with serious penalties if a person is convicted. As a result, these two Texas women will certainly want to do their best to combat the allegations brought against them. It may certainly seem difficult at times, but with the right help and information, they may be able to move forward with their cases more confidently.