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Capital murder charges brought against 3 men in Texas

Sep 2, 2019 | Violent Crimes

Sometimes it is impossible to predict how an event will turn out. Some people may make a plan to carry out a certain act, but even then the plan could go awry. Unfortunately, when this happens, it could mean that individuals end up facing serious criminal charges, such as those for murder.

It was recently reported that three men in Texas were taken into custody on capital murder charges. Allegedly, one of the men created a plan to rob a 29-year-old man and allegedly enlisted the help of the other two men. The act was to take place a motel, but during the reported robbery, one of the men is said to have fired a weapon. A bullet hit the victim in the face, which resulted in fatal injuries.

The three men were apprehended six days after the shooting took place. They were reported as being 51, 38 and 29 years old. It was also mentioned that a woman had apparently conspired with one of the men to create the robbery plan, though she was taken into custody on unrelated drug charges. It was not mentioned whether any bail amounts were set for these individuals.

Capital murder charges are among the most serious accusations that anyone could face. These Texas men will certainly worry about the outcomes of their cases, but it may help them to remember that they do have legal options. Exploring their defense options may allow them to see what strategies could help them address the allegations in a manner with which they feel comfortable. It is also important to remember that each accused individual has his or her own criminal case to address even if charged in relation to the same event.