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Attorney Tommy Mingledorff representing client in PPP loan fraud case

Aug 23, 2021 | Firm News

Tommy T. Mingledorff

Tommy Mingledorff of Mingledorff Law is in Federal Court today regarding his representation of Amir Aqeel, a citizen accused of the largest Paycheck Protection Program loan fraud in history. This matter is being prosecuted by the United States Department of Treasury in Washington D.C.

Mr. Aqeel client vehemently denies any culpability and further demands the United States and Department of Treasury to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt as law so requires.

Tommy is also still actively counsel in defense team to the ongoing jury trial the People of California vs Robert Durst in Los Angeles, California, which has been in jury trial since resuming May, 2021.

Including Tommy, the Durst defense team is considered the top legal team in the United States. The Durst team has legendary renown lawyers including Dick Deguerin, David Chesnoff of Las Vegas, and Chip Lewis.

From California, to DC, to Houston, to anywhere, you can be assured that if Tommy is on your case, you are well represented. Tommy’s client is his hero, and he will be ready.

Tommy will conduct the August 23 trial in Liberty County, Texas on Monday. The moment the jury acquits his client, Tommy will immediately return to California to complete the remainder of the jury trial of Robert Durst.