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Arresting the innocent? Houston D.A. extends review.

Feb 24, 2020 | Criminal Defense, drug possession charges

Law enforcement officers generally take an oath to protect the communities they serve with integrity, bravery and honor. Most officers abide by this oath. Unfortunately, there are cases where an officer may violate this oath. Whether for personal gain or other motivation, the officers that fail to abide by this oath can seriously damage their communities. Unfortunately, the city of Houston is currently dealing with such a case.

It is a bittersweet situation. On the one hand, those who were the victim of this officer’s ill intentions are able to prove their innocence. On the other, many have already served years in prison for crimes they did not commit.

More on the cases

The cases involve a veteran narcotics officer. Local authorities called for increased scrutiny after the officer initiated a drug raid in 2019 that led to the death of a middle-aged couple. The review led to his arrest. According to the resulting indictment, the officer made false statements and obstructed justice with false records used to pursue criminal charges against innocent community members. Essentially, the officer provided false information to support the raid.

This scrutiny led city officials to review previous cases involving this officer. One example was a case of two brothers arrested and accused of selling crack cocaine in 2009. A judge recently reviewed the case and stated the two were “actually innocent” of the crimes.

Impact for others in Houston accused of similar crimes

This is likely just the beginning. The district attorney has called for an increased review of the officer’s cases. At this time, the office is set to review 14,000 cases connected to the officer over the last five years. However, as the officer has served for over three decades, critics state the issues likely span back an even greater period of time. As a result, additional reviews may occur in the future.