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Animal abuse charge brought against woman after abandonment

Oct 29, 2019 | Animal Cruelty Charges

The care of animals is taken very seriously under the law. As a result, if a person is suspected to have mistreated an animal, it is likely that he or she will face criminal charges for abuse. Of course, just because a person is a suspect does not mean that he or she is guilty, and creating a meaningful defense could help address any charges.

One woman in Texas is likely hoping to find the best defense options for her case after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, a person allegedly saw the woman throw a puppy out of her car before driving away. The witness called the authorities and gave them a description of the vehicle and the driver. Authorities later made contact with the 31-year-old woman after locating the suspected vehicle.

The woman stated that the puppy had belonged to an old roommate whom she could not contact about taking the dog. As a result, she purportedly attempted to get rid of it. However, the puppy was reported as being extremely malnourished, and it is suspected that it faced months of neglect. The woman is now facing a charge for cruelty/abandonment of a non-livestock animal, and additional investigative efforts will determine whether more charges are applicable.

Animal abuse charges can come with serious penalties if the court returns a conviction. Undoubtedly, this Texas woman will want to lessen the chances of facing negative outcomes as best as possible. She may find it useful to gain information on her available legal options to determine how to create a defense presentation that suits her needs.