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Additional drug charges brought against man for contraband

Jul 30, 2019 | Drug Offenses

For some people, it may seem as if their situations only go from bad to worse. For instance, a person may wind up in a negative scenario because a police officer stops his or her vehicle. Next, the officer could search the vehicle, find a questionable substance and take the driver into custody on drug charges. Unfortunately, the downhill roll may not stop there.

One man in Texas may be feeling as if his ordeal is only going from bad to worse. According to reports, the man was pulled over by an officer at approximately 2 a.m. because the officer allegedly noticed that the vehicle was not maintaining the right lane. During the traffic stop, the officer conducted an investigation of the vehicle and purportedly found methamphetamine and related paraphernalia.

The officer took the driver into custody, and he was taken to a county jail. The man allegedly stated that he did not have any contraband on him, but during booking, officers purportedly found a plastic baggie in the man’s shoe that contained meth. He was initially charged with felony drug possession and recently had a charge of possession of a controlled substance at a jail brought against him.

Drug charges, especially felony charges, can place a person in a difficult predicament. Undoubtedly, this Texas man will want to do his best to avoid any seriously negative repercussions associated with his case. In efforts to minimize any negative consequences, he may first want to start by gaining information on his available criminal defense options to decide which route he feels comfortable taking.