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5 arrested for drug crimes in connection with Texas investigation

Oct 1, 2019 | Drug Offenses

Many people may not feel comfortable with the paths their lives are taking. Unfortunately, before they can change direction, some of those paths may result in individuals facing allegations for drug crimes and ending up in a serious legal predicament. Their minds may begin reeling as they wonder how to best handle this type of upset.

Multiple people were recently taken into custody in Texas on drug-related charges. According to reports, five men were arrested in connection with an investigation relating to the importation and distribution of THC and marijuana. Allegedly, the individuals were receiving shipments of the substances and paraphernalia from out of state, and during the course of the investigation, authorities have seized over 220 THC vape cartridges, over 7.5 pounds of marijuana, approximately 1,100 grams of THC concentrates and other items.

Of the five men arrested, two were reported as being 34 years old, two were teenagers and one was 27 years old. They are all facing charges relating to possession of a controlled substance, but each allegation varies in the amount possessed. The report also noted that the investigation was ongoing and more arrests were expected.

These Texas men will undoubtedly want to find the best ways in which they can handle their allegations of drug crimes. Though they were all arrested in connection with the same investigation, they can each find the criminal defense options with which they feel most comfortable. Gaining more information about the investigation, the charges they face and other similar details may be useful to them.