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4 tips to help you avoid crashes with 18-wheelers

Dec 13, 2022 | Personal Injury

18-wheelers are an integral part of the economy. Truck drivers are responsible for ferrying over 70 percent of the cargo in the United States. Moreover, many Americans depend on these trucks for food, medicine, raw materials and other essentials. Therefore, you can spot them on roads all over the country.

It is vital to know how to drive safely around these heavy-duty trucks. This is because 18-wheeler accidents are more deadly than other car accidents. Follow these tips to avoid accidents with 18-wheelers.

Leave enough space for the truck

Commercial trucks are big and need enough space to turn and brake. Besides, tire blowouts are frequent, so driving too closely to these trucks can be dangerous. Therefore, when driving near an 18-wheeler, make sure you give the truck ample space to react if it experiences a tire blowout or needs to stop.

Stay out of its blind spots

When compared to other cars, 18-wheelers have a large blind spot. Therefore, staying out of the blind spot while passing is vital. In addition, avoid the passenger side because it has a larger blind spot than the driver’s side. Also, don’t stay directly next to the truck because you can quickly move into its blind spot without knowing it. 

Be cautious when passing a truck or switching lanes

18-wheelers have a longer stopping distance, meaning they cannot stop as quickly as other vehicles. Therefore, if you need to pass them, do so quickly. When passing or switching lanes, always pass on the driver’s side, don’t overtake when going downhill and leave enough room when moving into the truck’s lane.

Be cautious when the truck is turning

18-wheelers are big trucks and usually make wide turns. This means your car can easily get smashed when the truck turns in front of you. So, be careful and give the truck enough space to turn. 

Regardless of how careful you are, you can still get into an accident with an 18-wheeler. Most of these accidents result from human error, and you could be entitled to compensation if the 18-wheeler driver was responsible for the accident.