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3 men facing charges for cocaine, other substances after search

Jul 1, 2020 | Drug Offenses

The criminal justice system is complicated. Many people barely understand how legal proceedings involving criminal charges work, and when parties are accused of crimes involving cocaine or other drugs, they may worry that they will not know what to do. It is easy for individuals to feel overwhelmed by this type of ordeal.

Three men in Texas will certainly want to do what they can to better understand their predicaments after recently being taken into custody. Authorities recently executed a search warrant at a residence that had been described as a “trap house,” or a house or other residence used to conduct drug deals. Officers reportedly received a tip that drug-related activity was taking place at the residence and later conducted the search.

The situation allegedly resulted in investigators finding cocaine products, marijuana, THC edibles, cough syrup and hydrocodone. It was also noted that a large amount of cash was purportedly found. As a result, three men were taken into custody on unspecified drug charges. It was not mentioned whether the men were still in custody or if bond amounts had been set.

It is not unusual for people accused of crimes to not know the next steps to take. As a result, it may be wise for these Texas men to consider gaining legal help throughout their cases. Charges for cocaine and other substances can result in serious consequences if convictions result, but individuals accused of such crimes have the right to defend against the allegations in court. Gaining information on their defense options may help them feel more in control as their cases proceed.