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3 men accused of drug trafficking activities in Texas

Apr 6, 2020 | Drug Offenses

Being indicted on criminal drug charges can make some individuals feel a sense of urgency. They may understand more fully that their predicaments are becoming even more serious and that they will likely need to find the best way to defend against drug trafficking allegations. Because trafficking is one of the more serious drug-related crimes, a conviction for such charges could lead to steep penalties.

It was recently reported that three men in Texas were indicted on trafficking-related charges. Details regarding the investigation and arrests of the men were not provided in the report. Nonetheless, the individuals were accused of conspiracy to traffic methamphetamine. Their ages were given as 24 years old, 27 years old and 31 years old. It was unclear how the three men may have known each other.

A 15-count indictment came against the men from a federal grand jury last month. The men were recently taken into custody, and the exact charges they face include possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine, conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine and carrying a firearm during a drug offense. It was not mentioned whether any of the men had posted bail or whether that was an option.

Drug trafficking charges could lead to life in prison for these men if they are convicted of the allegations. Undoubtedly, the individuals want to avoid that outcome if at all possible, so they will likely want to gain information on their defense options. Utilizing local Texas legal resources may allow them to obtain useful knowledge related to their cases and what it means to face federal drug charges.