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3 kinds of reckless driving that are common in the summer

Jun 30, 2022 | Personal Injury

Too many people take their safety for granted while driving. Operating a motor vehicle at high speeds is an inherently risky activity, but many people ignore the risk and engage in behaviors that increase their chances of a collision. They think that either their skill at the wheel, which they likely overestimate, or the safety devices in their vehicles will protect them, and they only realize their mistake after causing a wreck.

The summer season has plenty of unique driving concerns, from glare that blinds drivers to hydroplaning in a sudden thunderstorm. Weather isn’t the only contributing factor to seasonal crash risks. There are also several concerning forms of reckless driving that are common in the summer months.

Drunk driving is a serious issue in the summer

There are drunk drivers on the road at almost any time of day throughout the year. However, researchers looking at when drunk driving crashes occur found that 28% of the collisions recorded occurred during the summer, which means that there is a somewhat elevated risk level when compared with the three other seasons. Vacations, barbecue celebrations and summer holidays unfortunately all lend themselves to drunk driving.

Distracted driving is a summer concern as well

Those on their way to a party or a street festival might text at the wheel to provide friends with an ETA or double-check the address. Digital distraction is a leading contributing factor to modern crash rates.

Other forms of distraction may be particularly problematic in the summer as well, including conversations with passengers during summer cruises or singing along to the radio with the windows down.

Drowsy driving is a problem with longer days

Just because there are more hours of sunlight each day does not mean that you magically have more energy. You will have the same late afternoon and evening energy slumps that you usually would, but the sun will still be up. People may stay out later than they usually would, which might mean that they drive while drowsy. The longer someone goes without sleeping, the more their fatigue affects their driving performance.

Recognizing some of the most common driving issues on the summer roads can potentially help you avoid a motor vehicle collision.