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2 men likely want to avoid penalties after arrests in Texas

May 24, 2018 | Animal Cruelty Charges

Any situation in which a person is facing criminal charges could result in applicable punishment. However, in order for penalties to be handed down by the court, a conviction for the allegations must take place. Fortunately, for individuals in this type of predicament, convictions are not a guaranteed outcome, especially with strong criminal defense presentations.

The manners in which parties approach their cases differ, and two men recently arrested in Texas may not share the same views on how they want to handle the charges brought against them. Reports stated that the men were allegedly using two U-Haul trucks to carry 117 animals being transported from out of state. The animals included goats, chickens, dogs, chinchillas and turkeys. It was unclear what caused authorities to stop the trucks.

Officers stated that at the time of the stop, the temperature was 86 degrees outside with the interiors of the box trucks exceeding 95 degrees. The animals inside reportedly did not have water and were showing signs of distress from being overheated. The animals were taken by authorities and assessed by a veterinarian. The two men involved in the situation were taken into custody on animal cruelty charges.

When it comes to understanding how to possibly deal with the charges brought against them, these men may want to gain as much information as possible. Since they are from out of state, they may find it particularly useful to utilize local Texas legal resources to better understand state laws regarding animal cruelty. Each man has the opportunity to create and present a criminal defense that he feels best suits his circumstances and may help him avoid penalties.

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