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2 arrested for murder after robbery has fatal outcome

May 27, 2019 | Violent Crimes

When an event goes wrong, the outcomes can be far from what was initially expected. Unfortunately, some outcomes can be more severe than others, especially in a situation where a drug deal goes bad and someone suffers fatal injuries. In such a scenario, it is likely for serious criminal charges for murder and other allegations to result.

It was recently reported that this type of situation took place in Texas. Reportedly, a 20-year-old man had gone to the parking lot of the apartment complex where he lived in order to reportedly make a drug deal. However, before making the deal, the young man was robbed by a person in a mask. The masked individual reportedly shot the man one time.

A witness to the event had tackled the masked person and held him until police got to the scene. Authorities arrived and took the man and another person suspected to have been involved in the incident into custody. The victim was transported to an area hospital, but he did not survive. At the time of the report, capital murder charges were pending against the arrested individuals.

The two individuals arrested in this case likely did not anticipate their night ending in arrests. Nonetheless, they must now face serious charges for murder and find ways in which they can effectively create and present criminal defenses. They may not have a considerable amount of knowledge on how to take these steps, and it may prove wise for them to gain reliable information from local Texas legal resources regarding their cases.