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2 arrested for drug crimes in a school zone

Feb 25, 2020 | Drug Offenses

Authorities often want to crack down on drug-related criminal activity as much as possible. In particular, they want to ensure that drug-free areas remain free from illegal substances. Unfortunately, this means that if individuals are suspected of drug crimes in a school zone, they could face serious charges and possible consequences.

It was recently reported that two individuals in Texas were taken into custody on drug-related charges. Apparently, authorities had obtained a search warrant for a home that was just blocks away from an elementary school and a high school. It was unclear what led up to authorities receiving the search warrant, but nonetheless, they searched the home. A man and a woman were inside the residence at the time of the search.

During the search, authorities allegedly found a crystalline substance that they suspected was crystal methamphetamine. It was reported that 89 grams of the substance was found in the home. Because the home is located in a school zone, the two individuals are facing felony charges for possession of a controlled substance in a drug-free zone. Each was being held in custody at the time of the report on a $150,000 bond.

Felony drug charges can come with severe penalties, so it is likely in the individuals’ best interests to gain information on how they can combat the charges. They may need specific information regarding drug crimes in a school zone and how it could affect their cases. Gaining information from local Texas legal resources may allow them to obtain reliable knowledge that applies to their specific circumstances.